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Mirrors for Australia.
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"Bespoke, Eye-catching Elegance for Performance and Quality"
Proudly Australian built and designed in Perth WA.  
Now we offer a mirror clean service with pure water system
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   ** DIY Complete kit only $1995.00 each + gst

Dressage Arena Mirrors
Five Arena Mirrors off to Darwin.
We can ship our framed mirrors Australia wide. 

Custom made equestrian arena mirrors for both external and internal applications. 
The ultimate training aid for flat work and jumping.

There is nothing better than being able to watch your performance and see your position to improve your riding. Being able to view instantly the horse's reaction to your input  makes training more positive for both rider and horse. 
For those who compete it provides a valuable insight into what the judges see.                     


Mirrors are industrial grade with vinyl backing for added safety and are bonded to PVC foam  providing all round support and protection. Mirrors are then encased in beautiful mirror finish Stainless Steel 316 marine grade frames. Mirrors and frames are coated following installation with a specialist product to help repel rain and stay cleaner for longer (external only). 
 Engineered to last in the harsh Australian climate
using 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel components.