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Sports Equestrian Mirrors  

After many hours of research looking for quality dressage arena mirrors we were unable to find the right product to satisfy our requirements. A background in engineering together with a love of working with high quality products led us to design our own. We wanted a durable, elegant mirror that would give a good clear reflection with minimal distortion and ghosting as seen with so many others on the market. It was also essential that the end product was aesthetically pleasing and durable.
 We  designed a mounting system for the mirrors that would allow for customised angles if needed and yet not cause distortion to the reflection. The mounting system for external mirrors also had to be quality built to last in our harsh climate.


Constructed from 6mm Industrial glass mirrors on vinyl  backing (AS/NZS2208), our mirrors are bonded using a unique PVC foam support system. Each mirror is encased in a 316 marine grade mirror finish Stainless Steel frame for outstanding strength and longevity.
These stunning mirrors offer a highly engineered, superior quality alternative that will outlast all others.
With a competitive pricing structure they will prove to be the best investment you've ever made for training you and your horse.
Mirrors we use are built to Australian Standard AS/NZS2208 

"Eye-catching Elegance, Performance and Quality" 

Vertical Wire Balustrades 
Proudly Australian built and designed.

Our Vertical wire balustrades are designed to be virtually maintenance free but give an almost uninterrupted view similar to glass without the added cleaning that glass requires.
For most of us the windows in our house are hard enough to keep clean, more glass around your balcony or pool just increases the workload. 
Our vertical wire looks elegant, is very high quality and extremely durable being made from 316 marine grade stainless steel in mirror finish and is fully pool compliant.

"Eye-catching Elegance, Performance and Quality"